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  • TruGreen


    1.4 (930 reviews)
    • Landscaping and Gardening
    • www.trugreen.com

    "We discontinued our Truegreen service but a technician showed up 5 days later to treat our lawn. We stopped him and told him we discontinued our service. He was very pleasant and say OK no problem. Later that day I received a..."

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  • Burgess Seed And Plant Company

    Burgess Seed And Plant Company

    1.6 (348 reviews)
    • Landscaping and Gardening
    • www.eburgess.com

    "I have had no problems with burgess, so I guess this is the first time I have had a problem. Not too long ago i ordered three gold chain trees. when i got them and put them in the ground, i had hopes of seeing them turn green, it..."

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  • John Deere

    John Deere

    1.7 (228 reviews)
    • Landscaping and Gardening
    • www.deere.com

    "I purchased XUV 590M from Flagstaff Equipment Flagstaff AZ. In September of 2021.Igot it in March 2022. didn't recieve full cab enclosure or brush guard. I paid for them in March 2022. I still don't have them. I have had numerous..."

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  • Jack Seeds

    Jack Seeds

    1.4 (220 reviews)
    • Landscaping and Gardening
    • jackseeds.co

    "Not received the product . And I am very disappointed because I've spent $66 for the JackSeeds. Please send"

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  • Nurserylive


    1.2 (191 reviews)
    • Landscaping and Gardening
    • nurserylive.com

    "I had ordered 4 items but came only two items what about the other two items bamboo plant and coloured stones came free plants and white stones not came nd there is no phone call availability how can I know my order status I'm..."

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  • Husqvarna


    1.6 (202 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.husqvarna.com

    "Bought me more one week ago already broke down and can't get anybody to help me with the warranty I've called Lowe's many times and keep getting the runaround can't get anyone to answer the phone try to get in touch with the..."

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  • Ty Ty Nursery

    Ty Ty Nursery

    1.8 (96 reviews)
    • Landscaping and Gardening
    • www.tytyga.com

    "Don't buy from them. Thieves! I was sent dead tree in April 2022. Was told to wait at least 2 months. After that was asked to send pictures. After that they promised to send an email to a link, and issue the the refund. Email was..."

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  • Troy Bilt

    Troy Bilt

    1.7 (163 reviews)
    • Landscaping and Gardening
    • www.troybilt.com

    "Great prices no customer service I love the products love the prices but have an issue with my deck Ive been trying to resolve it with customer service with no avail cannot get in touch with anyone to talk to anyone"

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  • Scotts


    2.2 (107 reviews)
    • Landscaping and Gardening
    • www.scotts.com

    "Should i use Scotts liquid lawn food before or after OVERSEEDING? I've already planted seed, its coming up in patches.i tilled it first but i didn't do anything to the soil before planting, sorry for the dumb questions, new at..."

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  • Briggs And Stratton

    Briggs And Stratton

    1.4 (91 reviews)
    • Landscaping and Gardening
    • www.briggsandstratton.com

    "I bought a 35 horsepower Briggs & Stratton V-Twin from vanguard and it came from China and all they sent me was a windbreaker jacket I am not very happy I would like to have that motor"

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