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  • WhatsApp


    2.2 (544 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.whatsapp.com

    "Good morning
    I kindly would like to know the reason why my account was suspended indefinitely
    At least I would have been informed. I have been using my account for ages. However much I rarely post anything.this is an account I use f..."

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  • Microsoft


    1.6 (1,153 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.microsoft.com

    "I never authorized a charge to be made taking $109.99 out of my checking account. Being between jobs and traveling out of town for a family emergency this transaction put me behind in my account, I have emailed asking for a..."

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  • RoboKiller


    1.5 (429 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.robokiller.com

    "It is blocking work calls that should come through. There is no way to reach them for technical support."

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  • TextNow


    1.9 (251 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.textnow.com

    "I want my number back. It connected to all of my business and information and i would love to have my number restored"

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  • Avast Software

    Avast Software

    1.9 (320 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.avast.com

    "I was informed on last contact with yourselves that my driver updater was subscribed until December 12th 2024.
    However on my menu it reads October 2022.
    Would you please amend this as per your previous promise.
    Andy Wilson"

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  • Dropbox


    1.6 (319 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.dropbox.com

    "I cancelled my account in 2020, but I am being charged regularly. I have tried all means including communicating with DB Customer service, which has more questions than solutions. I replaced my credit card to break the chain but..."

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  • Canva


    1.9 (309 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.canva.com

    "I got a free Canva account this year for school. I never used Canva Pro, and yet I am repeatedly being charged $12.99. This cannot go on, I am running out of money and I need this for rent!! I don't know what to do. It's really..."

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  • Norton Antivirus

    Norton Antivirus

    1.9 (251 reviews)
    • Software
    • us.norton.com

    "tried so many times to contact Norton about a refund ,prompts go around in circles with be aware e aware no solution"

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  • Mcafee


    1.6 (179 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.mcafee.com

    "I was never able to get through. Evidently, McAfee doesnt want to acknowledge disputes involving returning money billed in error by them. I cancelled my subscription a few months ago, then received a survey asking why I was..."

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  • Iolo Technologies

    Iolo Technologies

    3.5 (283 reviews)
    • Software

    "I was trying to compile a build for a steam app and system mechanic advertised on my desktop using my remaining system memory ultimately causing the app creation software to crash midway into compiling.
    System Mechanic used to be g..."

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